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Take the mystery
out of your retirement

Financial Advisors to Help You Finish Well

The Guidance You Need

Know what to do

The Confidence You Desire

Enjoy peace of mind

The Purpose You Want

Make a lasting impact

Plan your retirement with a christian financial advisor

The excitement of retirement
raises a lot of questions

Retirement’s not a new concept.
But it is new to you.

Your next chapter shouldn’t feel like a big mystery. And it shouldn’t be a source of anxiety or dread.

You need a financial advisor team you can trust… and a plan that leads to a meaningful future. Imagine using your wealth in a way that aligns with your deepest values and makes life better for others. Imagine how great it would feel to finish well.

Sound good? Then stop imagining and take the practical first step toward a meaningful future.

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Christy Capital offers the advice and services
you need to finish well

Retirement Strategies

Investment Advice

Tax management

Estate & Charitable Planning

Insurance/Annuity Products

Financial Education

Your plan for finishing well

Here's how it works:

1. Get Acquainted.

Everything we do is built on relationships. So let’s meet. Tell us all about you–your history, your relationships, your dreams and your assets. As a christian financial advisor, we’ll gladly answer any questions you have about us. Learn more about us.

2. Create a plan.

Working together, we’ll tailor a plan that reflects your deepest beliefs and biggest hopes. Then we’ll implement that plan, carefully monitoring it, and making necessary corrections along the way.

3. Finish well.

You’ll navigate retirement with the confidence that you have enough. Even better, you’ll have a clear purpose and be positioned to invest in the causes that matter most to you.

The 3 Biggest Questions You Face
in Preparing for Retirement

Get 3 Video Trainings in 3 Days
Answering the three biggest questions you’ll face:

1) Do I have enough to retire?
2) Am I personally ready to retire?
3) How will I spend my time?

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Leave a legacy that aligns with your beliefs.

Retire with guidance

In unpredictable times and with constantly changing laws, converting retirement savings into regular retirement income can be confusing. Instead, be confident knowing what assets you need.

Retire with confidence

Most people fret about retirement. As a fiduciary financial advisor, our clients enjoy peace-of-mind knowing they’ll have the assets they need for the next chapter of life.

Retire with purpose

The best retirement isn’t “from” work. It’s “to” new challenges! We help our clients strategize ways to invest their resources in the things that matter most.

Your trust is the only asset that matters.

As financial advisors we work exclusively to keep that trust.

You might be wondering,"Why should I trust Christy Capital?"

Two reasons:

We’re fiduciaries. That means when it comes to your money, your best interests determine our recommendations, 100% of the time. We’ll never strong-arm you into mutual funds or financial products. We’re here to figure out your needs and bring the right options to the table.

Since 2005 we’ve helped 1000s of people ease their uncertainty, get answers to their biggest questions, and start their next chapter with confidence. That trust means more to us than anything.

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