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FERS Calculator

The FERS calculator is a good first step as you develop your plan for federal retirement.

There are three key terms we need to cover before you start:

  • Your Minimum Retirement Age or MRA is the earliest age you can retire as a federal employee. The calculator below requires you to input the year you were born and your estimated age at retirement.

  • Next, we will verify your FERS Eligibility to retire with a full annuity based on the current OPM guidelines. To retire with a full annuity, there is a minimum age and years worked as a federal employee requirement.

  • Lastly, the FERS calculator requires an estimate of your High-3. Your High-3 is the average of your highest-paid period for 36 consecutive months. This three-year period can be at any point in your career. The FERs calculator requires an annual (12-month) salary for this calculation.

  • This calculator is for regular FERS only and does not estimate a Special Provisions annuity.